Let Me Fall

by Marcos Lunio

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the last few months of my life had been a rollercoaster. so many things emerging, disappearing, mutating, defying my spirit and my mind.
we are not robots of endless positivity. sometimes it is ok to surrender. it is healthy to fall on your knees, to scream and cry. it is fine to need silence. i think taking away the negative load given by society to those moments of sadness and embracing the emotions that inhabit our bodies in such times, is crucial to get a deeper knowledge of ourselves to then be able to walk in the right direction. so.. "let me fall, like snow".



there are times when
you can't find the right words to say
and there are times when
you feel in your guts you don't want to stay

there are times when
your hands shake and your skin hurts
there are times when
you need silence to be your only friend

let me fall
like snow
like a dead bird from a tree
let me fall
like a stone
thrown for no reason at the sea

there are times when
the light is too bright for me to stand
and there are times when
i can't sleep at night talking to myself

there are times when
my voice breaks and my tears fall
there are times when
i'm self-absorbed into a never-ending hole


released July 22, 2016



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